Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Alex Nino's Mikrobyo (Detail)

One of my most favorite pages in my collection of original comic art: Alex Nino's first published artwork in the Graphic Arts Service, Inc.(GASI), circa 1966. In this amazing page Alex had summoned all the dark creatures of Philippine lower mythology for a story concepted by the Father of Philippine Komiks, Tony Velasquez. You can see them all here in this rare grand reunion ocassion: The Kapre, the Manananggal, the Aswang, the Dwende, the Tiyanak, and the Tikbalang. Tony Velasquez' opinion on this artwork: "A work of a genius".

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june dalisay said...

aug 30 20087
Dear Mr. Villegas,

i came across your blog accidentally and i am over the moon right now as i admire the alex nino drawing you posted!he has always been my favorite illustrator since i was a young fine arts student in UP (in the 70's). yes,thats how old i am! I just want to congratulate you because you have a very interesting blog. You may want to visit my blog as well. junedalisay.blogspot.com