Sunday, February 12, 2006

A Gallery of J.M. Perez Cartoons

J.M. Perez is one of the pioneer and all-time prolific cartoonists of the Philippines. Although he had less work after the war, his cartoon works in the pre-war Liwayway offered a fascinating look at Philippine culture of the roaring 30's. In 1984, he was one of the awardees of the Komopeb's (Komiks Operation Brotherhood) Lifetime Achievement Award. The other awardees were Tony Velasquez, Francisco V. Coching, Mars Ravelo, Francisco Reyes, Jose Zabala-Santos, and Larry Alcala.
I would regularly feature selections of the works of these pioneer Filipino cartoonists in my blog as part of my humble tribute to their immense contributions to our rich comics heritage.

Here are some selections of the numerous cartoons of Perez that have appeared in the Liwayway.

Huwapelo (1933). A comic strip about a wily but kind-hearted Tsinoy Sari-sari store owner, Akong. During the 1930s, Akong enjoyed almost the same popularity as Velasquez' Kenkoy.

In 1935, Perez retitled Huwapelo into Abilitat sa Akong

Tolong at Busia, Liwayway 1935.

Another popular comic strip of J.M. Perez that appeared regularly in the Liwayway was Si Pamboy at Si Osang, a hilarious strip about henpecked husband Pamboy and his domineering wife Osang.

J.M. Perez, a 1977 self-portrait from my collection of original art.


milkphish said...

wow . . . cool stuff!

Dennis said...

Milkfisch: Thanks, mam!

Gerry Alanguilan said...

Sa totoo lang, parang ngayon lang ako nakakita ng gawa nya. :) Pero yang sketch na yan parang andun sa History of Komiks book.

Dennis said...

Medyo unsung artist itong si J. M. Perez kaya its about time na ma-recognize natin.
Yung self-portrait ay yun ngang lumabas sa History of Komiks na book. Salamat!

Anonymous said...

Except for Pamboy at Osang I don't remember any of the other works of JM Perez . Thanks to you at bago na naman ito sa natutuhan ko.

Conrad - Chicago

Dennis said...

Conrad: you're welcome!

marvz said...

cool, dennis!