Sunday, May 21, 2006

Ruben "Rubeny" Yandoc Comic Art Sale

I am currently selling some nice Rubeny Yandoc comic pages from the early 1960s. These pages were published in the short-lived KENKOY KOMIKS, as part of the popular Bible series began by Emil Rodriguez in 1959. When Rodriguez left for the U.S., Yandoc took over the series.

Anyone familiar with Philippine comics will notice that there is a marked similarity between the drawing styles of Emil Rodriguez and Rubeny Yandoc in this Bible series. Apparently, Tony Velasquez wanted Yandoc to illustrate using the the same style of Rodriguez, in order to give a sense of continuity to the series.
A chameleon of an artist, Yandoc managed to imitate the lines of Rodriguez, while at the same time injecting the uniqueness of his own style.

Tony Velasquez was greatly impressed, and he gave Yandoc the permanent job of illustrating the series. Says Velasquez "Those Bible pages by Yandoc were some of the best illustrated artworks I have seen as an editor. I was very proud that these artworks appeared in my very own Kenkoy Komiks" Source: Tony Velasquez, Memoirs(unpublished).

Indeed, many consider Yandoc's work in the Bible as one of the finest works in the history of Philippine comics. It was lavishly illustrated, superbly rendered, and magnificently composed. Perhaps Yandoc may not be that good when illustrating westerns or romances, but when it comes to period stories,like the Bible or those familiar cloak and dagger stories, he was simply peerless.

When Yandoc left for the U.S. in the early 1970s to accept regular illustrating jobs in the U.S., the Philippine comics industry lost one of its truly great artists.

According to Comic Book Artist Magazine#4,(published in Sept.2004 in U.S.), Yandoc "undoubtedly had one of the most peculiar styles of the Filipinos, and apparently was an influence on that other arch-stylist, Alex Nino.

Throughout the 70's, he was a constant presence in DC's horror books, drawing an astonishing 130 strips, as well as squeezing in a handful of war stories like weird war tales and Sgt. Rock. He also moonlighted on Warren and Marvel where he contributed to Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction and Marvel Spotlight. Yandoc was a big favorite among the American readers".

Now, collectors will have a chance to own some of these great pages from those Bible series. I have put a "Buy It Now" option so that collectors may be able to spot which page they liked and purchase it instantly, without having to go through the effort of watching, waiting and bidding, and maybe losing at the last minute.

Kindly copy and paste this to your browser to see the auction:

Be sure to click on the link that says "View Seller's other Items" to see all the pages I'm selling.

These pages would look great framed in a comics library, office or studio. Or simply as a souvenir from one of the great artists of the Golden Age of Philippine Comics.

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