Friday, December 08, 2006

Tony Velasquez Photo Gallery 3

Tony Velasquez, age 3, with the bike that was a gift to him by his father, Eusebio Velasquez, circa 1913.

Tony Velasquez, age 5, circa 1916. Unknown to many, Tony Velasquez was a vistuoso violinist who studied under the great Filipino composer, Bonifacio Abdon.

Studio Portrait, taken the year Kenkoy was born in the pages of the Liwayway in 1929.

The Don Ramon Roces Swimming Team, circa 1936.

The very first Kenkoy greeting card sent by Tony Velasquez to Ms. Pilar Tongco, during the Japanese Occupation, 1943. Tony Velasquez was employed as graphic artist by the HODOBU, a Japanese information service bureau located in Escolta. Ms. Pilar Tongco was employed as librarian there.

A Kenkoy Birthday Card sent to Ms. Pilar Tongco during the last year of the Japanese Occupation, 1944.

Velasquez in 1946, right after the founding of Ace Publications and Pilipino Komiks, 1947.

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Azrael Coladilla said...

there a video and interview of mr. tony velasquez in Knowledges channel.

i was surprise to see him on TV.
the footage is kinda old, siguro a year before he passed away.

the video segment is around 5-10 minutes.

im starting to watch that channel again, hope i can record it and upload it for everyone to view.