Friday, March 14, 2008

Early Ruben Yandoc Work (1951)

Here is one of Ruben Yandoc's early works in Hiwaga Komiks dating back to 1951. I consider Yandoc to be one of the most interesting illustrators during the Golden Age of Komiks in the Philippines. His unique style was earlier influenced by Redondo, but he managed to develop the style into uniquely his own.

Yandoc was at his best when illustrating fantasy and horror stories, the kind of which I consider Philippine gothic. It was a very popular genre in the early years of komiks in the Philippines.

The story below is an example of the beautifully rendered art and storytelling abilities of Ruben Yandoc. (Please click on the images to view the larger images)


arman said...

Thanks for posting this early artworks of Ruben Yandoc. Ang nakita ko at meron ako ay iyong sarili na niyang estilo. He is one of my favorite illustrator at karamihan ng nakita kong dibuho niya ay sa Lagim komiks na lumabas.

Reno said...

It was interesting to see how many of these illustrators work from that era looked very similar, but in time they all found their own distinct styles, like Ruben Yandoc here and Floro Dery from your previous post.

EdgardoVOlaes said...

Malimit kong mabasa ang mga kuwento o nobela na katha't guhit ni Ruben N. Yandoc sa Extra Komiks, Romansa Komiks, Pinoy Komiks, at Aliwan Komiks noong dekada sesenta.
ni Edgardo Valentino D. Olaes