Friday, October 16, 2009

The 2009 Philippine Blog Awards

I just would like to take a short moment to announce (belatedly) that my photoblog and this blog Pilipino Komiks made it to the finals of the recently held 2009 Philippine Blog Awards. This blog emerged as Special Award Winner for Best Filipiniana Blog. This was my very first blog established way back in 2004.

Meanwhile my blogpost in this blog The Diving Boys of Quezon Bridge was chosen as one of the Top Ten Blog Posts of the Year, out of the hundreds that had competed. I actually submitted a few posts including my Suicidal Jeepney Ride to Miagao, The Street Sleepers of Downtown Manila, Master Anos: The Exorcist, Petron Gonzales: Faith Healer and Rugby Sessions. But of them all, I thought that my Palito interview would have the best chance of winning. I still consider it as the best piece of writing and reportage I have ever done. But alas, the judges did not think it was my best post!

Honestly, I had not expected to win anything but I attended the event just the same so I can finally meet the people behind the blogs that I truly admired. Some of them are Sidney Snoeck of My Sari-Sari Store (Winner of Best Foreign Blog), Dong of Dong's Eskapo, Lino of Lino Photography, Ferdz of, and Allan Barredo of

Lastly, I would like to thank you my dear readers, followers, and fellow bloggers for visiting my site often. I would also like to thank the lurkers who sometimes email me (rather than post comments) that they like this post and that. You all give me me more inspiration and drive to write and report more about people, places, events and chismis.

*For the complete list of PBA 2009 winners, please click here


Reno said...

Congrats, Dennis!

rizaine said...

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Mong Santos said...

Sir, congrats & thanks for this great blog. I was just googling some pics & then lumabas itong blog mo. I was hooked eversince, reading & re-reading your old posts. I grew up reading Zuma, Estabantot & His Black Magic, & Superdog from Funny Komiks. Yung mga komiks ang naging first lesson(s) ko sa drawing & I ended up taking fine arts. And also for giving me/us the chance to know more about our great komiks illustrators, jaw-dropping talaga yung mga works nila.