Saturday, December 17, 2005

Christmas Greetings from the Pioneer Filipino Cartoonists

Here is an all-star caricature of the pioneer cartoonists of Pilipino Komiks. This wonderful page was drawn by Jose Zabala-Santos.

First row: on the upper left corner holding the "K" in Pilipino Komiks is Liborio "Gat" Gatbonton, one of my all-time favorite cartoonists. On the opposite direction was the muralist Amadeo Manalad.

Second row: the man bicycling on the tightrope is Damy Velasquez; next to him is Vicente Manansala (now national Artist for Fine Arts). The fellow on striped sando walking on the tightrope is Mars Ravelo. At the other end of the rope is Jose Zabala-Santos.

Third row: Francisco V. Coching(still holding his brush and bristol); the fellow holding the roasted pig is Mauro Malang Santos; next to him is Deo Gonzales; the fellow with the shades is Lib Abrena.

Last row: Tony Velasquez is the circus impresario (being the founder of Pilipino Komiks!); beneath him is Lagim artist Cris Caguintuan; the man riding the carabao is Fred Carrillo; the fellow on the toy bike is Jessie Santos; last but not the least, the happy fellow walking the dog and holding a camera is none other than Larry Alcala, when he was a little thinner.

Merry Christmas to everyone!! And enjoy the season to the fullest!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Dennis,

Is this piece in your collection? Pwede bang humingi ng scan? Or is it for sale? Hehehe. Thanks Sir.

Best regards.

erni =)

Dennis Villegas said...

Ernie: Yes this is from my collection of komiks. This not an original page though, but a back cover of a 1948 Pilipino Komiks. Thanks.

erni said...

Hi, Okay lang sir, kahit scan lang nito, masaya nako. Thanks.

= )

Anonymous said...

Hi, thank you for featuring my grandfather, LIB ABRENA. I'm the youngest daughter of Mrs. Mignone Abrena-Balangue, the oldest daugther of Lib Abrena.

Marieta Abrena Balangue,M.D.
Cebu Doctors' Hospital
Cebu City

avesoriano said...

hi ate bebet... perhaps we can send the webmaster some of the other scanned comic strips of Lolo. Im the eldest daughter of the youngest daughter of lib Abrena, Zumbeline Abrena- Soriano

REina Soriano M.D.
Metropolitan Hospital
Binondo Manila

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

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annewalker said...

This is such a nice Christmas greetings from our creative and talented cartoonists. Proud to be pinoy!

And since Christmas is just in the corner, start sending Christmas Cards to loved one and friends.

Merry Christmas Guys!