Thursday, March 09, 2006

Alex Nino Comic Art Gallery 2

Si Dante at ang Kapre(Dante and the Kapre). Written by Carlo J. Caparas, illustrated by Alex Nino. This story was published in the United Komiks in 1968, and was part of the very popular series called "Mga Kuwento ni Bruhilda"(The Tales of Bruhilda).

Note: In Philippine lower mythology, the Kapre is portrayed as a gigantic tobacco-smoking creature that usually resides in large bushy trees, terrorizing people who happens to come close during nightime. People who go into wake or haranas are usually the ones who see Kapre at night.

Synopsis: Barrio X is being terrorized by a Kapre who demanded that they give him a monthly tribute of tobacco or he would wreak havoc in town.
The townsfolk reported the Kapre to the local authorities but the Kapre was clever to hide when the police came to town. After the police had left, the Kapre kidnaps Biday, the daughter of the Barrio captain and made her his slave.
Dante, Biday's fiance, was determined to rescue Biday, even if it meant risking his own life. One moonlit night, he intrepidly sought the Kapre's hideout, and made a pact with the Kapre that he would bring the latter a monthly supply of good-tasting tobacco, in exchange for his permission to visit Biday in captivity.
The Kapre loved the tobacco presented to him by Dante, and he demanded more, not knowing that Dante's tobacco was filled with opium. In short, Dante plans to make the Kapre a dope addict, and thereby making him slave to his every wish.

Page 1. The Kapre terrorizes Barrio X, demanding a monthly tribute of Tobacco from the townsfolk

Page2. The townsfolk reports the Kapre to local police authorities, but the clever Kapre did not let himself be seen during the police's arrival. After the police left, the Kapre kidnaps Biday. Dante plans to rescue Biday.

Page 3. Dante makes a pact with the Kapre that he would bring the latter a monthly supply of tobacco in excahnge for his permission to visit Biday regularly. The Kapre loves Dante's tobacco which, unknown to him, were filled with opium as a clever plan of Dante to destroy the Kapre.

Last Page. The Kapre becomes a dope addict.... hehe. Dante knows that it is only a matter of time before the Kapre succumbs to self-destruction.

Published in the United Komiks, 1968.


rene said...

hi dennis, do you have bigger scans of these kapre pages? pwede humingi? :-)

Dennis said...

Rene: I don't have scans of these originals because they are too large to fit in my regular scanner. You can borrow any images that you may like from this site, though. Thanks my friend!