Thursday, March 09, 2006

Ruben "Rubeny" Yandoc Comic Art Gallery

All the images that appear herein and my earlier posts on are photographed from my collection of original comic art. I still don't have a big scanner that would fit originals with the size of 11 inches by 14 inches. Some of my Yandoc originals are super double splash pages (14x23 inches) that would take a lot of scanning to produce the whole image. So if you see that some of the images are a bit cropped or badly lighted, please let it be known that these images are not scans, but photographs of comic art originals. The originals themselves are well preserved and taken cared of in a smoke-free environment.

Cover art for Manila Klasiks Komiks #64, 1953.

Splash Page for issue #2 of the Bible series "Prophet Daniel". I consider this series as one of the best output of Yandoc as illustrator.

Barbarians in the thick of the battle.

Meshach, Shadrach and Abed Nego-friends of Daniels's- are ordered thrown into the pit of burning fire and sulfur by King Nebuchadnezzar. The angel of the Lord rescued them and not a hair or skin of them were singed by the fire. The King ordered them out, recognized the Lord's awesome power, and gave the three high positions in his government.

Ruben Yandoc's superior composition make him into one of the most exciting illustrators in the history of Philippine comics. Indeed, when it comes to period pieces such as the Bible series in Kenkoy Komiks, Rubeny Yandoc is simply peerless.

A super double splash page from "Prophet Daniel" series in Kenkoy Komiks. 1961.

Another super double splash page, this time from the book of "Eliseo".


erwincruz said...

dennis, eto ba yung series na itinuloy nya after emil rodriguez? medyo naka-pattern nga sa style ni emil. pero nakapagaling at napakahusay ng composition ni rubeny dito. :-)

Dennis said...

yes erwin, this is the series that had been left unfinished by Emil Rodriguez. Rubeny's composition here is indeed one of the best I have seen in any comic book.

erni said...

hi Dennis,
Rubeny's art is simply breathtaking. ASTIG TALAGA. The characters come alive and jumps out of the paper..

Manilaboy said...


Tunay ngang NONPAREIL ang trabaho ni Yandoc. Masterful talaga. Kaya lang, diyan sa ebay kung may Yandoc o Rodriguez, yung mga bidders ay para palang mga GUNSLINGERS kung umasta. Itsura ni Clint Eastwood sa Dirty Harry.
Para ka palang nakikipag-DUWELO doon sa Orig art ni Yandoc or Rodriguez. Tapos, sa bandang huli, biglang nag-bid ng mas mataas sa aki, nang mag-click uli ako, napagsarhan na ako ng pinto ng kalangitan. Bidding over. Panalo yung nagmamadaling sumingit! Nakuha na si Yandoc, nakuha pa si Rodriguez. Ang nakuha ko, HANGIN! He-he.

Dennis said...

Erni: It is the general impression when they see a Bible rendered into life by Rubeny. It looks three-dimensional as to appear the characters to lift from the pages.
Manilaboy: My goodness, talagang ganyan yang mga ebayers, sa last minute nag-rarally. Anyway, you still have chances in the future coz I'm planning to sell some more pages in the future.I really can't keep all these pages with me. I fear the climate, floods, and termites, etc. Napaka delicate ng mga ganitong bagay na medyo may katandaan na. Maintenance alone costs a lot of money for me :)