Thursday, March 16, 2006

Sonny Trinidad Gallery of Original Comic Art

Sonny Trinidad is one of the all-time great illustrators in Philippine comics history. As one of Marvel Comics' mainstay Conan artists in the early 1970s, Trinidad proved himself one of the favorite Filipino artists of the great John Romita Sr.(then editor of Marvel Comics) and John Buscema, whose pencils he frequently inked over.
This present gallery of Conan pin-ups, Sarkhan, barbarians, and women warriors, is actually a preview of the forthcoming portfolio of Trinidad comic art to be published later this year.
/>Super Double splash page: Conan to the rescue

Barbarian women

After the drinking spree

Battling the Turks

Barbarian Queen

Conan the Barbarian in a classic pose

Sarkhan rescuing the slaves

Duel to the Death

Sonny Trinidad: Self-Portrait


Ly said...

hey, chanced upon yer blog while surfing. nice informative articles on pinoy comics. just a question, you the owner of the comic museum thing in marikina shoe expo? :)

Manilaboy said...

Wonderful... wonderful. Done with TLC. I went to a huge warehouse of old comics here in Vancouver and found some of Sonny Trinidad's work. From Coching's style, his work evolved into something totally different, now, his very own, unique style.

Rey said...

woh... I never knew Sonny Trinidad rendered this way... I think what i almost see from his works during the 80's was the love story drawings which some looked hurriedly done.

Another great revelation. andami ko nang natututunan rito dennis.

Oo nga pala, meron kabang big scans sa pi-nost mong mga drawings ni Emilio Rodriguez? gusto kong pag-aralan yong mga detalye. ito'y hindi para kopyahin kundi para matuto. I like the line variations most.

erni said...

Hi Dennis,
Talagang hanga ako sa collection mo. Lalo na itong compilation ng mga gawa ni Sonny. Iba talaga ang hagod niya.. The few Sonny Trinidads in my fledging collection are some of my most cherished pieces.. Bout the portfolio you mentioned... Ikaw ba magppublish nun? MORE POWER SIR.

Ner P said...

puede po bang ipost yung mga large version para mkita yung mga details?

Dennis said...

ner: okay, soon :)

Jose said...

Hi Dennis:

I just caught your blogsite while surfing. I am really impressed. I used to work for GASI as editor until I decided become a lawyer. I was in GASI from 1976 to 1989. I had the chance to work with great artists like Rudy Florese, Nar Castro, Vicatan, Cal Sobrepena (Peping Calusa to us), of course, Sonny Trinidad, Joe Mari Mongcal (and his letterer/retoucher bro Tony...incidentally, do you know Oggie Florese... Rudy's bro... pls. say hi to him if you do)Ernie Santiago, Hal Santiago, just to name a few. By the way, my name is Pete Marquez and my family has since moved to Sacramento, CA. My e-mail address is Kudos for a great job and keep the torch burning! --Pete

Anonymous said...

Hello people, if anybody wants to know more of my dad's work (yes, i am the daughter of Sonny Trinidad) or if you guys happen to be interested in him, email me at mentioned his name and I will forward any messages to him.

Cherry said...

To all people who commented about my father's work, I would like to say thank you for appreciating his art. Although my father can still do his artwork, he is currently undergoing chemotheraphy since he was diagnosed with cancer last December 2008. He seems to be responding well but we are all hoping he will get cured eventually.

atornipete said...

I am realy sorry to hear about Sonny's health condition but at the same time, happy that he is responding well to treatment. I will remember him in my prayers.

Mauie Flores said...

Hi! I am currently writing a year-end report on the Top 10 Most Prominent Deaths of 2009 for WikiPilipinas and Sonny Trinidad’s death is part of the list. I’d like to ask permission to use the photo of Sonny Trinidad’s self portrait. Please let me know by sending a reply to maureen dot flores dot com. Thanks.