Monday, March 20, 2006

Alex Nino Comic Art Gallery 4

La Bamba is a serialized comics novel written by Pablo S. Gomez( who used the pseudonym Rene Rosales) and illustrated by Alex Nino in Planet Komiks in 1972.

The story revolves around the fierce rivalry of twin sisters (one is fat, the other is thin) for the love of Dante, a policeman. The twin sisters (known as the La Bamba sisters) kill for money in order to lavish gifts for Dante, who did not like them nor accept their gifts. Moreover, he long suspects that the twin sisters were responsible for the number of killings that have mysttified the police. When Dante had gathered enough proof to arrest the two, it was already too late, because the twin sisters already killed each other out of jealousy.

These originals and all the others that I have posted in this blog, are from my own collection of original comic art. I do not have yet a large scanner capable of scanning large originals such as these ones, so what I did was just to photograph them indoors using a compact digital camera, which explains why some portions of the images may look dark, or out of line. The originals themselves are well-preserved in a smoke-free environment.

To my numerous friends and blog neighbors who sent emails requesting for large scans, I have to decline because I have no time really scanning large artworks with my small scanner, and stitching them with one another. However, you can borrow any image you may want from this site. When I'm able to purchase a big scanner, I'd be more than happy to share with you my collection. I really intend to make this website a humble contribution to a better appreaciation and understanding of Filipino comic art heritage.

LA BAMBA: First Issue, Planet Komiks #104 1972

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Detail of Page 1


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Ganda ng mga illustration na nka post!

Kindly post for me a "Juan dela Cruz" caricature or cartoon.