Thursday, March 09, 2006

Alex Nino Gallery of Philippine Comic Art

Agwat ng Pag-Ibig (Love Differences) written and illustrated by Alex Nino. One of the few Alex Nino stories to have been published in Philippine comics, this story proves that Nino is also a great story teller. The art has the usual flair and impressive rendering which is a hallmark of a Nino artwork. Published in the Planet Komiks, 1968.

Synopsis of the story: Pekto long suspects that his wife Lucia is having an affair with another man(Delfin). It was proven one day when, upon arriving arriving at their house, he found that Lucia had eloped with Delfin.
He discovered that the two were hiding in a villa owned by Lucia's sister Magda, who explained to Pekto that he and Lucia are really not suited for each other because of the great difference between them. The difference lie not in material wealth (as was wexpectd by the reader) but in the fact that Pekto was aswang, while Lucia(and her sister Magda and bethrothed Delfin) was a vampire.

Page 1. Pekto discovers that his wife Lucia had eloped with Delfin

Page 2: Lucia and Delfin seek shelter in Lucia's sister Magda's villa

Page 3. Pekto confronts Magda and demanded Lucia return to her. Magda explains that even in the beginning Pekto should have known that he and Lucia were really not suited to one another.

Last Page. Indeed, Pekto and Lucia are not suited for one another because he is an aswang, while Lucia (as well as Magda and Delfin) was a vampire.

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